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Fire protection (FP)

Fires last a short time, but they can cause damage in the millions of euros.

Minimize the risk of their occurrence by honest preparation and ensuring fire protection from our fire technicians.

What is OPP?

OPP or otherwise Fire Protection , services are necessary to ensure the minimization of the risk of fire at every workplace. These services are designed to reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring as well as provide an effective response should a fire occur.

Services include regular inspections and maintenance of hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire shutters, water supply equipment and preparation of fire protection documentation . Among other things, the services also provide training for employees on fire safety procedures.

Regarding employee training, keep in mind that every single employee must be trained (including contract employees and part-timers) , and this applies even if you are not required to have fire protection documentation (about exemptions from the obligation have fire protection documentation (you can read below, in the section: OPP documentation)

By investing in quality fire protection services, your business or operation can be confident that the workplace will be safe and protected from any potential fire threats. These services are tailored to the specific needs of each business and will help you create an effective fire evacuation plan. In addition, regular maintenance and preventive fire inspections are required to ensure that any potential risks are caught early and dealt with quickly.

Comprehensive fire protection is ultimately the key to maintaining a safe work environment. Thanks to professional OPP, you can be sure that you are doing everything to protect your employees, customers and property.

What will our OPP services provide for you?

  • Fire protection technique
  • Fire protection specialist
  • Fire protection training and
  • We will prepare complete OPP documentation
  • We will provide preventive fire inspections (fire inspections)
  • We will prepare documentation and training with authorization from KR HaZZ and set up the system according to the employer's conditions

We provide fire protection and fire protection technician services in accordance with the Fire Protection Act no. 314/2001 Coll. of the whole of Slovakia. In addition to these services, we also help with the correct marking of premises, we provide professional advice and we also check fire equipment.

How often are preventive inspections done?

  • In the event that there are workplaces for occasional work in the premises and where employees stay only occasionally, a preventive fire inspection is carried out every 12 months.
  • In places where only administrative activities are carried out, a preventive inspection is carried out every 6 months .
  • In other premises and objects of a natural or legal person (e.g. in shops, car repair shops, medical facilities) an inspection is carried out every 3 months , unless the responsible person or its statutory body specifies a shorter period.

During preventive fire inspections, among other things, the following is also carried out:

  • Inspection of fire extinguishers
  • Inspection of hydrants
  • Inspection of water supply equipment
  • Inspection of fire shutters In this case, their functionality, good condition, marking and good accessibility are checked.

    If any deficiencies or problems are identified during the inspection of these elements, it is important to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently. Above all, it is important that these devices are functional and in good condition whenever you need them.

    Preventive fire inspections will be performed by our technician or fire protection specialist .

OPP documentation

Every employer is required by law to have fire protection documentation and to carry out regular inspections by the OPP.

OPP documentation includes:

  • fire identification card
  • workplace fire regulations
  • fire alarm guidelines
  • fire evacuation plan
  • fire book
  • fire risk analysis
  • documents on the inspection of fire equipment according to a special regulation
  • data on fires, causes of fires, reports on the results of analyzes and measures taken in the field of fire protection
  • documentation on employee training on fire protection
  • documentation on the training of fire patrols
  • documentation on the activities of the fire department
  • solution of fire safety of the building in the project documentation of the building

However, there are also some exceptions in which OPP documentation is not required:

  • establishments whose number of employees does not exceed the number of 5 .
  • businesses that are privately owned and do not have more than 100 m2 .
  • operations in which no activity is carried out that would increase the risk of fire.

Who are we and what are the prices for our services?

We are a company based in Martin, which provides health and safety , health and safety , environmental protection and much more. However, we provide our services , including OPP, throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic . If you are interested in our services, read more about us .

If you are interested in our offer and are interested in the price for OPP, contact us in the contact form, and we will prepare a tailor-made price offer for you .

Do you want to check whether you meet all the requirements according to the applicable legislation? Fill out our questionnaire, which will verify your OPP status .

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