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Environmental protection

Contact our experienced experts who will prepare a complex environmental protection plan for you.

Environmental protection represents an important social topic which can be found in several legislative standards. Obligations of businesses are predominantly determined by Act No 79/2015 Coll. on waste, Act No 364/2004 on waters and Act No 137/2010 on air.

Our team specialises in the areas of waste management, watercourse protection as well as air pollution. We will visit your workplace, train your employees and suggest efficient solutions through which you will fulfil all your legal obligations and at the same time lend a hand to nature.

What services will we provide you with in relation to environmental protection?

  • Consulting in the area of waste management
  • Trainings on how to handle waste and hazardous waste
  • We will prepare identification sheets of hazardous waste
  • We will process and submit announcements in the area of handling waste
  • We will prepare preventive measure plans for the prevention of extraordinary deterioration of water status
  • We will process requests for the authorisation and use of an air polluted resource
  • We will prepare operational rules of procedure

In addition to these services we will also prepare additional documentation for you and throughout the entire duration of our cooperation we will provide consulting and recommendation to achieve a minimal environmental burden.

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