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Health Service

Occupational health service is a basic obligation of every employer, regardless of the type of employment of the employees. It follows from Act No. 355/2007 Coll. on the protection,
support and development of public health.

Since the employer's obligations vary according to the type of work activity and the type of workplace, through our partner, in cooperation with BTS, we will evaluate your workplace, assess the risks and develop a categorization of your company's work activities.

We will determine the obligations that you must fulfill according to the current legislation (e.g. preventive medical examinations) and we will prepare complete documentation for you.


What will PZS services provide for you?

  • preventive medical examinations in relation to work
  • professional examinations for the performance of preventive medical examinations in relation to work, in particular vision, hearing, EKG, perimetric examination and other tests
  • development of complete documentation
  • supervision of the working environment
  • employee training, e.g. first aid training
  • consultations and other advisory services in the field of hygiene of the working environment and health
    of employees

During the entire period of cooperation, we will provide you with comprehensive advice and guide you in the field of health and safety, as well as health and safety , occupational health and safety , and the working environment.

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