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Health and safety services (Safety and health protection at work)

Make sure your business complies with all legal regulations and that your employees are working in a safe workplace.

Our experienced safety technicians will make sure that you avoid both accidents and fines.

What is health and safety?

Occupational health and safety deals with ensuring the safety and health protection of all employees at the workplace .

The aim of OSH is to minimize the risks of work-related accidents and illnesses , and thereby ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

Health and safety is important for every organization that employs people . Compliance with OSH ensures not only the safety and health protection of employees, but also the protection of property and ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

It includes a number of measures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. These measures include, for example:

  • identification and assessment of risks associated with work processes
  • ensuring proper and safe work equipment
  • regular tests and inspections of technical equipment and systems
  • training for employees on safety and health protection at work
  • monitoring the working environment and its impact on the health of employees
  • establishing procedures for dealing with occupational accidents and work-related illnesses.

What will our health and safety services provide for you?

  • Authorized security technician
  • OSH training
  • Comprehensive consulting in the field of work safety, work environment and work hygiene
  • We will assess the risks in the work performed by your employees
  • We will prepare complete documentation
  • We will investigate work accidents, handle all official duties related to the occurrence of work accidents and represent you before state administration authorities
  • We will carry out regular inspections of the health and safety status at the workplace

We provide security technical services throughout Slovakia. In addition to these services, we will provide you with expert advice in the field of health and safety during the entire period of cooperation and will prepare all the necessary documents for you.

Work safety documentation includes:

  • Health and safety policy and program for the implementation of the occupational safety policy
  • Written document on risk assessment
  • Documentation from OSH training
  • List of jobs and workplaces prohibited for pregnant women, mothers up to the end of the ninth month after childbirth and breastfeeding women
  • List of jobs and workplaces prohibited for minor employees
  • The regulation prohibiting the use of alcohol and drugs, the related determination of the range of persons authorized to carry out the inspection
  • Determination of the method of ensuring the drinking regime for employees
  • Provision of personal protective work equipment, Draft PPE and list of assigned PPE,
  • Record card of assigned PPE
  • Safety and health markings
  • Safe working procedures and OSH operating procedures
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