Fire extinguisher and hydrant inspection

We will perform all compulsory inspections of fire extinguishers, hydrants and other equipment for you.

We will register each fire extinguisher, hydrant or other fire protection equipment that you have to our calendar. We will perform the inspections of these devices based on the dates laid down by the legislation. Before the date of the inspection our fire protection technician will automatically visit you and perform all necessary checks and service.


What inspections of fire protection equipment will we perform for you?

  • Inspections, repairs and service of water supply equipment for extinguishing fire (fire hydrants) including pressure testing the hoses
  • Inspections and repairs of fire extinguishers
  • Inspections and repairs of fire protection barriers
  • Inspections and repairs of fire doors
  • We will provide proper labelling of equipment pursuant to the current legislation

We also provide:

  • Sales and installation of fire extinguishers
  • Sales of accessories and spare parts for fire equipments
  • Sales and installation of safety and fire sings (stickers, pictograms …)

In addition to these services we will prepare any necessary documentation for you and throughout our cooperation we will provide you with expert consulting.

Information on our fire protection services can be found here.


Contact us and we will be happy to advise you for free.

Miroslav Onduš

Miroslav Ondruš – managing director

+421 911 782 919

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