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Fire protection training

Fire protection is an important part of workplace safety. Fires can cause serious damage to property, health and lives. The Fire Protection training is intended for all employees to teach them the basic principles of fire prevention and safety.

Content of the training

The Fire Protection training includes the following topics:

  • Basic terms in the field of fire protection
  • Causes of fires
  • Prevention of fires
  • Fire alarms and signals
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire interventions
  • Evacuation of people and property in case of fire

Training objectives

The goal of the Fire Protection training is for employees to:

  • They recognized the causes of fires and knew how to prevent them
  • They knew how to use fire equipment
  • They knew how to behave in case of fire
  • They knew how to evacuate people and property in case of fire

Price for e-learning

Basic course
from 7,50 €/person

**all listed prices are without VAT**

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