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Construction machines

During the course, participants will acquire the theoretical knowledge needed to operate selected construction machines and equipment with a focus on safety and health protection at work. Course participants will complete education and training with a written test and will then be issued with a written certificate of completion of education and training for the operation of selected construction machines and equipment with a focus on safety and health protection at work in accordance with  § 16 par. 1 letter b) Act no. 124/2006 Coll. on safety and health protection at work

Conditions for participation in education and training of persons to operate construction machines and equipment:

  • completed primary schooling,
  • at least 18 years of age,
  • medical fitness – a medical certificate on fitness for work must not be older than 6 months ( SZČO / employee ),
  • if you do not hold a driver's license, the document will be issued to you only with a restriction to the workplace.

Course scope

  • Basic course – 16 hours
  • Repeated familiarization - 3 hours
  • Refresher training – 6 hours

Repeated familiarization and updating training

During repeated familiarization and update training, course participants will familiarize themselves with changes in legislation and other legislation to ensure safety and health protection at work and with current knowledge related to safety and health protection when operating selected construction machines and equipment.

  • Repeated notification every 24 months in accordance with § 7 par. 5 of Act no. 124/2006 Coll.
  • Update professional training every 5 years in accordance with § 16 par. 8 of Act No. 124/2006 Coll.

Groups of construction machines and equipment

Machines and equipment for earthworks

  • 1 A – dozer
  • 1 B – excavator and dredge
  • 1 C – loading and unloading machine
  • 1 D – cutter and scorer
  • 1 E – scraper
  • 1 F – pipe stacker
  • 1 G – cylinder

Machines and equipment for the production, processing and transfer of concrete mixtures

  • 2 – concrete mixer

Other machines and equipment 

  • 3 A – special motorized snow machine
  • 3 B – compressor

Course price

Basic course
one construction machine – €100/person
two construction machines - €190/person
three construction machines – €270/person
each additional machine – €60/person
Repeated notification

Refresher training

**all listed prices are without VAT**

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