Fire Protection (FP)

Fires do not last long, but they can cause damages amounting to millions of EUR.

Minimise the fire risk by a thorough preparation and provision of fire protection from our fire technicians.


What will our FP services provide you with?

  • Fire protection technician
  • Fire protection specialist
  • Fire protection trainings and expert preparation for your employees
  • We will prepare a complete FP documentation
  • We will provide preventive fire protection inspections (fire inspections)
  • We will prepare the documentation and trainings with the certificate from the Regional Directorate of the Firemen and Rescue Department and set the system according to employer’s requirements

FP documentation includes:

  • Fire identification card
  • Workplace fire code
  • Fire alarm directives
  • Fire evacuation plan
  • Fire protection guide
  • Fire hazard analysis
  • Documents on the inspection of fire equipment according to the specific regulation
  • Data on fires, causes of fires, reports on results of the performed analyses and performed measures in the fire protection section
  • Documentation on employee training on fire protection
  • Documentation on fire protection watches’ professional training
  • Documentation on the activity of the fire-fighting unit
    Solution for the fire protection safety of the building within the building’s design documentation

We provide fire protection and services of the fire protection technician in accordance with the Act on fire protection No 314/2001 Coll. within the entire Slovak Republic. In addition to these services we will help with the proper labelling of spaces as well, we provide expert consulting and also perform the inspection of fire equipment.

Do you want to verify whether you meet all the requirements according to the current legislation? Fill in our questionnaire which will verify your FP status.



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Miroslav Ondruš – managing director

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